Sunday, September 8

September Stuff

 Our neighbor Joe gave Daniel a pineapple plant…which we severely neglected and even abused.  And despite our black thumb and small children it still gave us fruit!!  It was small but sweet. :)
 Dominos are a hit around here. :)  Well, when they don't knock down prematurely. Then there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. :(

 Lulu turned ONE!!!  And we face timed her Birthday song. :)

 I'm volunteering this year at school once a week and I love it!!!  This is my pic from my ID…clearly before I shaved my beard. ;)

 Isaac's lego creation!!

Playdate w Gracie!

 Rachel came to see me this year!!!!  I did a bad job w pics :(  But I promise we had a blast. :)
 Ivy House


 Dinner at Chuy's

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