Saturday, April 27

End of April (family visit and Y event)

 HOW DO THEY DO IT?  So much for the "Neat Squeeze"... :)
 We found little sprouts in their pots!  :)
 We had the MOPS Antiquities Fundraiser...  here were the results. :)
 Emma and Liv
 My lovelies...Isaac thrilled to be the motorcycle gentleman that he was. 
 Daisy's packed up, leavin' town headed for the early 90s!!!  

Queen...w a crown of sorts...she chose it herself.
 This below is more like it!  :)  The hat still KILLS ME!


 We went to Chipotle for dinner one night (Yay we now have Chipotle!!) and had a fun time w shadows on the wall. 
 Co and Colbs
 Daisy and Dan?

We also partook in some DELISH Champion BBQ.  

 We played at the park...
 And turns out my Dad is a yo-yo PRO!  WHO KNEW?!  Not me!  :)

 Daniel had a tent at the Y health awareness day.  Played a little Foosball. :)

 Kids had fun doing bootcamp w Diane. 

 Still eating up our bounty!


Great times!

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