Friday, October 25

Fall Y'all!

McIntosh Festival

Look at Emma… LOL!!
Aunt Sarah came to the States and we went to Columbus for the weekend.

Throw back to Isaac as a Sumo Wrestler one Halloween.
Isaac won a poster contest in his class for his picture about "Get down, Get out and get on the phone" in a fire.


Here they are!!!  Aaaaand there would have been more pics had 4 of the 5 of our family not had a HORRIBLE stomach bug hit us Friday night.  It. Was. Bad.  Thankfully, RM, Sarah, Meems and BePops were spared.  And Colbs didn't get sick til on our way home!  All over the car…while my back was spasming.  It was pretty miserable.

How did all this wallering not spread a germ!!!

This pic is at Meems house and it's so sweet.  I love Ruth Michaels gummy smile. :)

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