Thursday, October 31

Halloween 2013 and Fun Fall Family Visit :

 So you know I get behind...well what else is new?  But I have decided to blog some recent events so that it's fresh in my mind.  I really think info spills out of my brain via my ears when I sleep because I can't seem to retain things these days!!!  So the sooner I blog the better.  (Thanks Dad for suggesting it!) I will go back (some day!) to document all I have missed.  But until then...look what we did on Halloween!

 Cleopatra and Spider-Man

 She wanted to pose also as Spider-man..."furdddy body" and all...
 Super Girl had a Halloween program at school.  She did AMAZING. :)  She sang at the top of her lungs along w her best bud Kyle...who also sang his heart out.  He's Bat Man and he's adorable. :)

 Here's Kyle...(and Lala Loopsy was struggling to keep her hair on...)

 Then they Trick or Treated around the school. :)
 Colbie and Kyle = Best Buddies (AKA she bosses him and he goes for it)
 Ms. Keri and Jeaner and Hunter

Halloween Party!

That afternoon the family arrived!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!  
Dad, Mom, Julie, Emery and Lucy came to see us. :)
Sweet girls in their matching skeleton glow-in-the-dark pjs. :)
 Sorry for the order...

E. Claire was NOT into the mess that carving pumpkins involves. HAHA...she got a double dose of getting it HONEST from her parents. :)
 A pumpkin I made for Alli. :)
 Spider-Man wrestling w Papa!

 Dan was a Mummy!
 Jack was UNCLE SAM.  This kid is hilarious!
 In flight!
 Colbie's teachers..."God's gift to the Preschool"  HAHAHAHA!

 Spidey, SWAT team guy, Cleo, and Sam

Throw back to MANY Halloweens ago...
 Jeeg and Papa handing out "prizes"...cause that's what they do.  What's my Dad doing?  Just being silly...

We went to the Church up the street (literally...we walked) to the Trunk or Treat there. It was nice, convenient and enough for us! :)

 AJ McCarron came to my house! :) (Grant Phillips, age 8)
 A Cupcake (Emery, age 3)
 80's girl (Olivia Phillips, age 10) and Super Girl (Colbie, age 3)
 Lulu (as herself) and Cleo (Dais, age 8)

 Trading the spoils...

The dressed up crew on Halloween. :)

 Brandon kept sabotaging our pic...

Papa and Jeeg w Lu.

 Decided to venture out and carve this year (verses only painting).  How did it go?  Well...if you must know...about 6 mins in I was completely abandoned to carve all alone.  And it was hard.  And messy.  I will certainly re-evaluate next year before cutting a pumpkin. :/

 We also attempted roasting the re-eval there...WON'T do that again!
 Daisy had a VB game.  This is the crew "watching" her. :)
 Peachwave after!

 Ok, having them lit did help. :)  That part was fun.

 Jeeg and Papa brought the RAINBOW LOOM.  Huge HIT!
 Then would not be defeated by all the advanced bracelets.  Here are Jeeg, Daisy and Jules figuring it out.
 COON HOLLO!!  It rained on Sat...BUMMER.  So it wasn't the fall (DRY) wonderland I had pictured we would enjoy.  BOOOOOOO!  But a good time was had by all.

MEAN MUGGIN' in the corn pit.

COLBS fell out on the way home...I mean OUT.  Daisy had to hold up her head!  She was SO happy to help. ;)
 Sunday morning. :)

We had a BEAUTIFUL DAY on Sunday.  We played outside and enjoyed the weather.  AND dodged the torpedo acorns from the LARGE Live Oak that pegged all of us at least once.  You would randomly hear, "OWW!!" and all of us would erupt w laughter. :)

All good things must come to and end.  And Monday morning came way too soon.  But so thankful for a family that I love to spend time with.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Thanks for coming.  We loved every minute of it. :)

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Cheri said...

Melanie ~ These pictures of your family and friends are amazing! Love your sweet family. Blessings to all of you.