Sunday, October 6


My little sister turned THIRTY in October.  For her birthday we all met up in Birmingham and headed to Tuscaloosa for a BAMA game.  We went to Columbus first to drop off our kids.  Then we headed on to the fun. ;)

While walking to the game…we saw this in a yard…someone cut an Alabama A in their yard.  Awesome.

 We did a little shopping!  Mama loves a pack of napkins!!
Nanny and Mama
Julie and I both got this sweatshirt.  This was a try on pic.
Watching the Million Dollar Band march to the stadium.

Bryant Denny!!!

Those little dots are Rachel, Alex and Avery!!! :)

Ok, y'all the game was at 11 am.  And it was a bajillion degrees.  Sitting still sweating kinda day.  In all seriousness there were people being attended to all long the halls for heat exhaustion.  It was intense!
This cloud came for a little bit and in my delirium I said if we had another child I would name it Cloud. It meant that much to me.  And even out of the stadium now...I still kinda back myself on that.  Thanks again Cloud.
If my Mama is rolling up her sleeves…it's hot day in Alabama.  Roll Tide.
Skipping ahead to dinner at Jans!  Jules ate on the You Are Special plate. Cause she is.  Thanks Auntie Jan for the food!
Take one.
Take 2.

Take 3, 4, 5, and 6. :)  Scott is always SO patient during picture time. :)  Granted I tend to slightly over do it. ;)
We saw our cousin Dan at the game w his boys, Luke and Logan.  We happened to be at the same place walking around.  Neat to see them. :)
While we were kid free…Meems and BePops had the kids in Columbus.  They had a great time.

Sorry…few more favs I am too lazy to move in my post. :)  me and the bday girl. :)
We parked at Mimi's house and got to see Rachel and the kids!!!
We missed having Kristy…but being pregnant she may have been MUCH MORE miserable than us!!

Nanny and Liz in their seats…and is that Bob?
the Boys in their seats.

On the way home we stopped at the Pumpkin Patch and played a little bit.  This corn pit was cool…but the cotton pit gave me the heebie jeebies. (sp?)

my new shirt!! thanks Jules!

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