Friday, May 17


Got these fun signs and LOVE them.  Aren't the colors and fonts fun???

 This is Isaac and his friend Zoie from school.  They are big buds. :)  This was at Symphony Under the Stars. :)
 This is Zoie's brother...Zoie was trying to get him to ask Isaac to spend the night so she could have Isaac over night (cause she knew only boys spent the night w boys)...hahahaha
 This is my mama...she admits it. 

 I would love if this were true!! I hope it is!!
 Aaaaaand this is me...
 And this is COLBS...make yourself comfy!!  LOL

 Daisy loves to play school and I found this on her floor.  
She still loves Ms Bray enough to pretend to be her when teaching!

 Daisy's family portrait
 A Spider-man in my kitchen. :)


 Gifts for MOPPETS workers

 Jessica McDowell, ?, ?, Pam, ?, (low) Courtney, Debbie and Greta and Jeanne

My group!  Taylor McMann, Andrea Owen, Sarah Hart, Lauren, Me
Leslie Simpson, Dorothy Dersch and Erica Roberson w Westin

 Linnea, Chau, Tara, Rachel and Nicole
 Michelle won Golden Plunger. Goes w the "Plunge" theme...and she told the best "worst mom" story on herself. :)

 Julie, Janna, Rachel, Amanda, and Michelle

 Dan's new smoke pipes!! :)

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