Tuesday, April 16

Meems and Grandma (Meem's mom) came to see us!

(This book is one we are doing at church...so great!)

Now on to the REAL reason for the post! :)  Grandma took a southeast tour of all of Maurine's kids.  We had a WONDERFUL time w her.  She is just delightful to be around.
Make Way for Ducklings read to Colbs by Grandma.
Meems on big kid duty. :)

They brought us little seeds and gardening things to plant some small pots and make a garden.
They also got to visit Isaac in his classroom. :)

We took a walk down the street. Gorgeous night. :)

It was so much fun when they came.  PLEASE COME BACK AND SEE US GRANDMA!!!

Isaac made himself a little fort. :)
Jack caught a lizard at the park.  The kids do this from time to time (Isaac ALL the time). And those poor lizards...usually are limp by the time the kids are "done" w them.  :(
Isaac and Ryan

Isaac got into MSA!!!! HOORAY!!!!

Sweet Grandma in that tiny chair. :)
The Jeaner is a "waller-er" :)

And here is precious LULU!!  Love her!! :)

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Cheri said...

I haven't seen your blog in a while. LOVE these pictures! I will share them with my mom. Love your sweet family.