Sunday, October 13

October stuff

 Can't remember if I shared this yet or not…our plans for the day.

 Bless her 3rd child heart!  Rarely gets a good nap :(
 Jeaner's Open House at preschool.

 FINALLY GOT THIS RASCAL!!!!!!  The trap w bread in it (I think).  Isn't he HUGE????

 She wanted to push the cart...

 Daisy was responsible for this below...

 Kyle and Colbs are B.F.F.  in every sense.  They LOVE each other.  And I am thrilled cause I LOVE his family too. :)

 It's FALL Y'ALL!!!

 Pumpkin Spice Latte w Almond Milk and Good Earth Tea are my hot drinks of choice. ;)
 This. is. for. real.  It was stinky…

 This boy likes to collect and organize. 
 It moved from Cars to Spider Man to Alabama stuff...
 We did Shrinky Dinks one day…a throw back fun time for me.

 This is one of my all time favorite texts.  We watched some Bama football w them already this season and I guess my volume was fresh in his mind.  HA!  I have (not purposefully) made all three of our kids cry by yelling for a TD watching Bama. I am not proud of this but it happened.  
 We had a fall festival at MSA and Daisy found her buds. :)  Alexis and Coralei

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