Friday, October 18


 I had been anticipating the registration of THIS EVENT.  Jennie Allen's IF:  Austin. This is me waiting at my computer for the clock to strike 12. :)  When I made it in…I almost died. :)

It sold out in 42 mins.  I had a hard time signing up…and wound up registering twice!  
Oops…but it worked out so I could bring a friend who didn't get in on time.

 Sweet Whitney Claire representing Dr Jones Ortho!

And Dad saving the day and getting the GROWING LIVE FERNS out of the debris that had gathered on our roof. :)
 Kyle and Colbs :)
 Wise Women Panel at MOPS.  Such a great meeting.

Daniel camped in the backyard w the kids. :)

 They had a blast but came in at 2 am when it rained and a dragon fly got stuck in the tent w them. :)

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