Tuesday, April 30


Isaac and Grady are best buds.  "Thick as thieves" as they say...and here it fits. ;)  They were playing in our backyard and lifting this weird log...and Grady's face got sliced open!! :(  BLESS HIM!  Diana was SO chill and cool about it.  Dr Hunt slapped on steri strips and called it a day!  Now he has a tough boy scar. ;)  He was brave.  He didn't flip out or anything! 

 Batman guarding the garden.

This cartoon below cracked me up!

Colton, Grady and Isaac. 
 Daisy was sick for a few days so she stayed home.  We read the entire first book of the Nancy Drew series.  It was fun...well the book part...not the sick part. :)
 Jen and Shells came to visit us!

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