Friday, October 25

Seeing Aunt Sarah and Ruth Michael

 This is the latest...she doesn't have a loom yet but makes them herself w a rigged up loom.  Sometimes she just uses her fingers.
 Isaac's drawing of the Fire Safety Prevention phrase "Get down! Get out! Get on the phone!" won in his class! Yay Isaac!

 We visited our local (and only) pumpkin patch at the Methodist Church.
 I am a sucker for pumpkin pics...who's surprised?? Anyone?
 I was trying to set up a pic for Dan and I to take together...and these yahoos jumped in...

 Colbs on the way to Columbus.  Bless her little crick in her neck heart!
 RUTH MICHAEL!!!!!  She was so sweet and friendly.  For a 14 month old suffering jet lag...we were witnessing a miracle. couldn't tell!

 Can you tell we were thrilled to see her (and Aunt Sarah, OF COURSE!)?

 Isaac built a lego land pirate land.

 She.  is.  ADORABLE.

 SO Friday night after a delicious dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and salad...OF ALL THINGS...we came down w a HORRIBLE GI bug.  I mean Daniel, Me, Daisy and Isaac throwing up and miserable.  It was so bad!  We slowly recovered Saturday.  Then I threw out my back just sitting in the Snuggler.  It was ROUGH.  It was hard to keep things separate so not to infect anyone.  And RM couldn't help it. :)  THANK YOU LORD that no one else got it (we even thought it was food poisoning)...except for Colbs...on the way home...all over our car...TWICE.  *sigh!* 
 Sunday we went to church.  Benny photobombed this pic.  HA!

 Isaac was so sweet and played w RM.  They had fun.  Each of my kids loved playing with her. :)

 I SO WISHED WE HADN'T BEEN SICK!!!!  But we tried to make the most of our time w them.  So thankful we got to see them!!!  We love you Nicholsons (and missed you Chris!!)!

 Sorry this is random...but how funny is this pic of Emma Dean w their fam??  LOL!!  
And just a cute pic of the whole fam. :)

One hilarious random...Phillips Duck Dynasty.

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