Sunday, November 24

November fun

 O is for Octopus. :)

Isaac's class had a cute little Thanksgiving gathering. We all brought a dessert and they sang us a song and said a poem.  Cute little "Native Americans."

 Shooting an arrow.  :)
 While I was at Isaac's class…the cuteness continued. Ha ha.

Mojo's catered a MOPS meeting!!  Rondo himself came and cooked for us.  He even made a non-dairy cuban for me.  That's cause Michelle Steinmetz loves me. :)

Daisy's smoothie moustache. :)

 Colbie's POW WOW!!!  Ms Keri is the best and hops around singing and leading the Pow Wow Song!!
 Colbie was in the back on the group.  The whole time.  Boo.  And even though Shelley was there…we hardly saw Colbie.  :(

 Then we stayed after and ate our "feast" of turkey sandwiches and picnic food.  :)

 Trey, Kyle, Colbie, and Belle

 Then our Bible study group headed to HILLSONG UNITED CONCERT. It was so much fun!!!
 Amber on her phone, April, Jessica, Jenn, Alli and me
 Jenny, Jessica, Alli, Jenn, Amber, Lisa and April.  
 We ate a Columbia Restaurant before.  VERY good.

Dinner at the Villages at Red Sauce

 Breakfast from my sweet kids. :)

Saturday, November 16

more November

 This years card...
 Isaac's turkey in disguise. :)  "Baaaaa!" said the sheep.

Isaac's first sock hop…in which the child DID NOT STOP CUTTING A RUG THE ENTIRE TIME.  It was hysterical!  I had a hard time keeping up w him!  I had to do the twist on the stage and then pick a winner.  Then later and little girl came up to me and said, "Why didn't you pick me?  I was trying really really hard."  Wow…bless her little heart!  I shoulda!

 Handing out prizes
 Isaac and Layne (and Layne's Dad w the photo bomb)

 The theme was wacky dress up!

Isaac's technology self portrait.

Isaac started basketball…equally as entertaining at the Sock Hop.  Isaac did really well!

 Sweet Kristy severely sprained her ankle…8 months pregnant!!   Bless her heart!!  So Scott has been super supportive by taking pics of her in the scooters in stores.  And by making music videos…. ;)

Disney Day

I blogged much of this detail from my phone.  Hoping it can help me to journal more about what happened.  I get so behind I can't remember and there are only pics! :)

We got a couple of free tickets from a friend and decided to go for it!  We really enjoyed our day...even if it was pretty wet. :(

Colbie was so brave!!!  She did not freak out when she saw the characters. She would see one and scream their name and wave. It was precious!  And she LOVED Its a Small World. So sweet. 

It rained a lot of the day. We had on ponchos. It was raining for the first half of the day but we hardly waited in any lines. And we use the fast passes to our advantage. But we were WET. 

--The younger two were still most excited about the hotel stay all day long. 😳Colbs started at 11 am!  "When do we go to the hotel???" When we would say,"Let's go see Cinderella..." Queen would say,"...AT THE HOTEL?!"  Lol!!
--The dance party at tomorrow land was SO FUN!!!  We danced w Pluto, Goofy and Stitch. 

--Weather was pretty wet first half if the day. It quit early evening and so much more enjoyable!

--Isaac had fever the night before. C/o headache. But doped him up on Advil and he did fine! 😁😛😊

--Colbs helped us find each bathroom in Disney!!! No lie we may have gone potty on the hour, EVERY hour. 

What we accomplished on this rainy day:  Swiss Family Robinson tree house, Aladdin's carpets, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise (Xmas version), Tom Sawyers Island, Thunder Mtn, Small world, Dumbo (w amazing play area w pager to wait!!), Goofy's Barnstormer, teacups, Space Mtn, DANCE PARTY w goofy and Pluto and Stitch, Princesses (Cinderella and Aurora), Carousel, Buzz Lightyear ride, pic w Buzz, Monsters Inc show (very funny--favorite part for me!), Electric parade...longest wait was 25 mins, averaged 10 min wait and we worked those fast passes!!  We did awesome!

Sunday ate at Homewood suites for breakfast. And we headed over to Orlando premium outlets for clothes for the kids. We got handed some $25 off coupons (used 2!). So that was awesome!  Then we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Colbie had to go to the bathroom for the second time while we were eating and then we had this conversation…

Mama: Raise your hand if you're mad at Colbie's bladder...

(4 of us raised our hands and Colbs made a narrowed eyes face at us)

Colbie: ok waise yoor hand if yoor happy 'bout my laddor? :)

And we all cracked up laughing!!!!

 Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
 Jasmine and Aladdin...we didn't wait in their line. 
 Thunder Mtn Railroad
 Tom Sawyer Island

 See Daniel and the kids?

 It's a Small World after all... :)


 The new Fastasy Beauty and the neat!

Here's Gaston!
 The waiting area for Dumbo...GENIUS Disney, simply genius!
 We waited and the kids played until they buzzed us to go ride. :)

 Jeaner was LOVING her some Dumbo ride.  HA!
 Apparently so was her Daddy! ;)

 Waiting for Goofys Barnstormer 

 The plugged ears...*sigh*...
 Daisy and I riding Space Mtn...It was AWESOME.

Daniel and Isaac on Space Mtn.

DANCE PARTY w Goofy, Pluto and Stitch!

 We went to see Cinderella and Aurora :)

 Isaac did this the whole time...(mimicked by Dan)
 Colbie got some pixie dust when we came out. :)  Daisy did too.

 Sword and the Stone

 Buzz Lightyear Ride

 HILARIOUS AFTER PIC...FINGERS IN HER EARS!!!! LOL!!  and Daniel taking his score very seriously!

 Electric Parade!

"Saptan Hook" and Peter Pan!

 Fireworks were coming...this time her actions are legit. :)

Perfect way to end a crazy day at a Homewood Suites, sitting by Daniel on the couch, watching Bama play. :)


Dr Phillips park