Saturday, November 16

more November

 This years card...
 Isaac's turkey in disguise. :)  "Baaaaa!" said the sheep.

Isaac's first sock hop…in which the child DID NOT STOP CUTTING A RUG THE ENTIRE TIME.  It was hysterical!  I had a hard time keeping up w him!  I had to do the twist on the stage and then pick a winner.  Then later and little girl came up to me and said, "Why didn't you pick me?  I was trying really really hard."  Wow…bless her little heart!  I shoulda!

 Handing out prizes
 Isaac and Layne (and Layne's Dad w the photo bomb)

 The theme was wacky dress up!

Isaac's technology self portrait.

Isaac started basketball…equally as entertaining at the Sock Hop.  Isaac did really well!

 Sweet Kristy severely sprained her ankle…8 months pregnant!!   Bless her heart!!  So Scott has been super supportive by taking pics of her in the scooters in stores.  And by making music videos…. ;)

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