Sunday, November 10

November fun

More Kyle and Colbie cuteness…this time in Chapel!
Ms Kelly told me that when Daniel and Colbie walked in to chapel one day that Colbie said to Dan, "Welcome to God's House Dad!"  HAHA

So November brought a long awaited trip to Daytona to go see BETH MOORE.  In. The.  Flesh.  She did NOT disappoint.  Jessica Cicione, Alli, Shana Hise and I had a fun time.  Beth brought it.  (This pic below makes me wanna sing…"One of these girls is not like the other…"  A blonde haired green-eyed girl w this crowd! HA.  It was also a SUPER windy day.  We had to rush and get dinner before we went to the session Friday and had a bad-made-fun experience eating at the Lucky Rooster Pub by the conference center.

We had great seats!!! 

 I missed Daisy's last game that Friday night.  BOO! :(  But Daniel took pics for me.  Coach Amber with (left to right,, front row first): Megan, Brianna, Madison, Alexis, Tamiya, (back) Kylie, Neely, and Daisy

 Daisy, Madison, Brianna
 back to Daytona…that night I offered a man a banana in a shady gas station at 11:30 pm.  Thankfully I was not alone…and my over friendliness didn't get me in trouble! : /
 That Beth…She is such a card...!!! :)
 …board cut out!!!! 

 Us w Beth (first name basis) and Travis Cotrell (her worship leader)

 Family bike riding Sunday night at Tuscawilla Park.

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