Sunday, November 24

November fun

 O is for Octopus. :)

Isaac's class had a cute little Thanksgiving gathering. We all brought a dessert and they sang us a song and said a poem.  Cute little "Native Americans."

 Shooting an arrow.  :)
 While I was at Isaac's class…the cuteness continued. Ha ha.

Mojo's catered a MOPS meeting!!  Rondo himself came and cooked for us.  He even made a non-dairy cuban for me.  That's cause Michelle Steinmetz loves me. :)

Daisy's smoothie moustache. :)

 Colbie's POW WOW!!!  Ms Keri is the best and hops around singing and leading the Pow Wow Song!!
 Colbie was in the back on the group.  The whole time.  Boo.  And even though Shelley was there…we hardly saw Colbie.  :(

 Then we stayed after and ate our "feast" of turkey sandwiches and picnic food.  :)

 Trey, Kyle, Colbie, and Belle

 Then our Bible study group headed to HILLSONG UNITED CONCERT. It was so much fun!!!
 Amber on her phone, April, Jessica, Jenn, Alli and me
 Jenny, Jessica, Alli, Jenn, Amber, Lisa and April.  
 We ate a Columbia Restaurant before.  VERY good.

Dinner at the Villages at Red Sauce

 Breakfast from my sweet kids. :)

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