Saturday, December 21

December dashes on...

 It's possible Daniel was saying, "Buddy, you cannot stuff a small kid when playing defense."  He was REALLY good on defense…if blocking was allowed. :)  

 And finally the whole reason we even play a sport…the TROPHY! :)

Isaac, Luke and Grady (who's stayin' alive!)

 Look who made the front of the Central magazine…me, daisy and dan!  (Man I shoulda washed my hair that day!)

 "Christmas Eve"
 Daniel reading The Night Before Christmas.
 "Dear Santa, Do you remember us? (yes, no, maybe) Thank you for coming! love, Daisy, Isaac and Colbie

 FaceTime w Jeeg and Papa

 I thought this was adorable on Instagram. :)
 I had to write out my week of what I had to do…cause I was afraid I'd forget something!!!

 Dan's new pjs :)

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