Sunday, December 15

December: MOPS party, Josh Wilson, Shopping w Alli!

Yes, it was 88 degrees in FL in December.  It's how we roll.  Now, while I do adore a mild winter…when I sweat excessively in winter it isn't ideal. :)  I prefer a chilly mid 60's day. And then a few lay-in-a-chair-and-simultaneously-tan-and-read-high-70s days. ;)
 Kayla, Melissa, Mindy, Tara, Becky, Greta, and Taylor
 Sarah and Holly
 Michelle, Trish, Courtney and Becky
 Cynthia, Cara and Rachel
 Leslie and Jill
 Sarah and Chau
 Ornament Swap

 Greta and Courtney

 Rachel, Me and Amanda were matchy-matchy. :)

 This magazine just made me happy to look at!  The colors and design!
 Daisy and I volunteered at the Josh Wilson Concert at church.  It was so much fun!!  Great concert and GREAT Christmas Album.  New fav.

 this is just funny…cause that's about right...

Colbie's class...

 Colbs and Charlotte

 LOOK WHAT APRIL FOUND AND GAVE ME!!!!!!  I. WAS.  SO. HAPPY!!! I have looked all over for another one of these.  I gave up and surrendered to having a broken Santa face on my little Bama tree.  April heard the story one night at BS of when the precious ornament was broken a few years ago by a child that will remain anonymous (but her name rhymes w Crazy!).  And how I have matured since then.  ;)  Then she came by one day with THIS.  YAY YAYAYAYAYAYYAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

CoCo's dolphin for his homework.  Look I  know I am biased mama.  But this is a great dolphin for a Kindergartener!!!!

 Santa was at the Y before Isaac's game. :) ATTA GIRL COLBS!
 This was my happy place this holiday season. :)
 And of course we shopped for Alli's bday in Orlando. :)

 Got our nails did. :)
 Outlets! Only took 45 mins to park. :/
 Mall at Millennia
 Cheesecake Factory…mmmmmmmm.

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