Friday, December 13


 CoCo is getting better at reading!!  So proud. :)

 Isaac's Christmas tree for school.  Atta Boy.  I didn't even force this.  ;)
 Daisy's Drama project on Theater Superstitions.  :)
 Colbie had this empty roll of wrapping paper in the car.  She asked me for it. I handed it to her.  All the sudden I heard her little voice LOUD in my ear.  It startled me.  I cracked up laughing and so did she.  It was hilarious.  And it kept going… :)
 Bama tree. :)
 My broken ornament that I adore.  
 BASKETBALL by Isaac Jones
 Isaac's basketball team:  Coach Mike, Carson, Isaac, Kensly, Luke and Grady

 Pre-game huddle
 Good game. :)
 We have a fun little team w Grady and Luke.  

Hiking on Paines Prairie

 Shoulda kept my sunglasses on...
 On the way back…Daisy wanted me to lead her as if she were blind.  HA!

 I love this…I did this as a kid.  Maybe not the 2 hands out but something like it. :)

One night the Phillips were over and (of course) there was a play.  The girls sang and entertained us. :)

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