Friday, December 20

More Delightful December. :)

 Our church sent home a Happy Birthday Jesus kit!  And so the kids made it. :)

 I was in charge of Colbies Christmas party at school.  These were the pics taken for the cute ornament we made. :)

Share show at school :)

 Colbie helping me made the edible Peppermint playdoh for the party. :)
 The staff party was at Ipanema.  We gave them their trip to NYC next year.  They were pretty excited. :)  They got Daniel at unicycle.  And HE was pretty excited. :)

 With 2 pillows included for safety. :)

 And they gave us this cute ornament. :)
 Coco in his share show


 Colbie's Christmas program

 Daisy's class

 snacks at the party that another mom brought.  Cute. :)

 Book swap!
 Play doh!
 Doing "What God wants for Christmas." :)

 Cute crafts this year!!!

 Ms. Davis gave me this candle. :)

 Colbie coming in…look at Hunter's face.  Positively thrilled to be there, it seems. :)

 Kyle was BELTING IT OUT.  It was funny and adorable all at once. :)
 Wrestle mania ensued while we tried to get a pic of C and K.

 We hit 100,000!!!

 Polar Express!

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