Tuesday, December 3

November to December...

Above is Isaac's thankful list. :)  Mom, Dad, Mrs. Harris, and Friends.
Isaac had to draw something from the "Olden days" and the updated version.  I love his art!  Check out his plug! :)  Look at the robber who got busted.  "A police catches robbers."  See his money sack?  and his frown?  Bad day for the robber.
Colbie's art!!
Isaac made this for Daniel to fill out.  He had to choose his favorites in order.  Daniel chose basketball, bouncy ball, and baseball.

After trying Lowe's and it being completely picked over we found our tree this year at a road side stand. :)  Great tree!

Isaac's field trip to the Ocala Civic Theater.

Apparently no one likes twinkling colored lights.  They were hard to find!  And I finally did but they had purple in them.  But whatever…it works.

I facetimed w mom and Emery.  She had just gotten out the dancing Christmas tree and played the song over and over and over.  AND danced…w her tiny little booty.  Too funny!

Look at this cute wreath that Becky made!!!
Pics from Daisy's drama project.  Cute. :)

Break a leg!!! :)

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