Sunday, December 1


Daniel's family all gathered in Columbus Georgia.  We had a great time catching up and letting the cousins play together. It was fun for us to experience cold-weather. :). We had to borrow some coats and stuff from family!  We had a wonderful (mostly dairy free!) Thanksgiving meal. Thanks to Eryn...even dairy free hot chocolate!!  Mimimo even made dairy free chocolate drop cookies. YUM. A very heart felt thank you!!!

So here's what went down:

Wednesday we all arrived and had a delicious dinner by Don. Steak and chicken fajitas. The cousins were all so happy to be together!!  This year we spread out to the Homewood suites. The Caulleys and David joneses stayed there. 

Thursday we enjoyed our amazing lunch at Chattahoochee Valley Church. It was so great having a big kitchen and tons of room for everyone to play. We at ate tables set up just for us...such a kind church! We all went around and told what we were thankful for. Then the kids put on a talent show for the adults. :). Really cute. After clean up we headed to have a family picture taken by Sarah Randolph. We went to the Columbus Botanical Gardens. Then we headed home to bundle up for the Fantasy of Lights at Callaway Gardens. It was 30 degree and we bundled up w blankets and stuff. Seventeen of us on a trolley! So much fun!!!! I kept especially warm since Brayden had eaten chocolate that day. ;)

Friday was girls shopping day. The guys let us stay out all day (til 5!) til we met for dinner at chickfila. We. Had. A. Blast!!!!  So fun to shop w them. We ate lunch at the chicken salad place. 

Saturday was the 5K. Anna suggested we run one so Daniel, Eryn and I joined her. It was chilly but lots of fun!  Thanks for the idea Anna.  Then when we got home the boys left for their day out.  They played Frisbee Golf and ate at Wild Wings and went to Starbucks.  That afternoon we watched the Iron Bowl.  I don't wanna talk about it.  Such a great game...such a horrible ending!!!  Way to go AU...good job.  :/   That evening Eryn, Meems and I got some girls time while the kids were in bed.

The next day was church!  Always a good time at Chattahoochee Valley Church. :)  We went to BePops and Meems parenting class (always good!) and then heard Tim preach.  After a yummy lunch at Jason's Deli we hit the road home.  

So very thankful for this family and our time together. :)

Here are the pics:

Ok so we heard about this app called Funny Talking Mirrors.  This filter was called the Dentist. :)  We sent some funny videos to our fam about how excited we were to see them (or sad I was not to be with them). 

 Enjoying Dons fajitas and yummy sampler dessert.  Meems non dairy choc drops were AMAZING!!!

 Loading up to head to the church!

 Their sweet church set up the tables for us and made a sign!!! SO VERY KIND!
 Cooks in the kitchen. :)
 Daniel entertaining our kids w the BB Gun.  Yes, this really happened. :)
 The kids and men painted sheets of paper and made place cards for us!

 Time to eat!!!

 Kids talent show after we ate. 
 Curtain call...John David (10), Luke (8), Colbie (3), Daisy (8), Braylen (3), Caleb (4),  Alisa (6), Isaac (6), and Mia (4)
 Playing outside!

 Family pic time!
 I love your bag Dave! :)

 Fantasy in Lights!  It was a balmy 30 degrees...LOL!!!  BRRRRR. 

 Woman at the well...I mean...DON.

 Trolley is leaving!


 She LOVED being cold. ;)  Can't you tell?  "Moooommmm!  I can see yoor brewff (breath)!!"

 In the heated food and shopping area.
 Bama tree and Gator tree.

 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!  She hugged the penguin...and didn't scream bloody murder!

 Girls shopping day!!! SO FUN!

 Our spoils. :)

 ChickFilA for dinner. :)


 Atta BO CO!
 Let's play "fall"....when she weighs 44 lbs and he doesn't they fall. ;)
 Ahhh technology. Saved us a time or two. :)
 Ready to see bama play.

 Tearing Uncle Davids shirt...he said it was ok. ;)

 Watching Bama!

 Look who else is ready....

 Wish it had turned out that way... :( :(:(:(

rest stop on the way home...


The Four of Us said...

I can't believe I made it onto the blog!!! It may just be my backside, but hey, it's still me.

Buddy and Maurine said...

Thank you for ALL these pictures!!! Wow! So well documented! It was so fun to look at them again. I had so much fun with my family! I love you so much!!!!