Thursday, February 28

Few more in February :)

 Big girl Colbs at her 3 year ck up
 Isn't this a precious pic of my Granddaddy and Nanny? I really love them.  So thankful for my family.

And this is me with swollen eyes...dadgum milk allergy.

more backyard bounty!!!!  So crazy that we do NOTHING for this and each year it provides.

Bless Colbie's third-child heart. :(  She doesn't get the royal routine nap treatment like Daisy did.  But she is a strong girl.  She manages. :)

 MANGO.  We heart mango!!!

 Facetime w EC!
 Pajama Day at St Pauls for Colbs.  They also had Pancakes to eat. :)
 She chose her own footwear, to be clear. :)  Below is Colbie w her friend Gracie Lindsay.
 Colbs got her first official trim. :)

Whitney came by for visit. :)

 Alli, Livi, Daisy and I went to Secret Keeper Girl Live.  It was GREAT!!!!

 It was a PJ Jam.  :) 

 Found Colbs reading in her room.  Well --using the book that Jeeg and Papa read to them that is recorded.  Cute little thing!
 Daisy was really wanting to play w the girls next door.  So she and Isaac wrote them notes and took fruit from our yard.  It was sweet.  The neighbor girls wrote a sweet note back and they've been pals ever since. Proud of that Daisy girl. :)
 Family bike ride!!  Santos.

 Exploring a bug...
 Beautiful tunnel trees on the way
 Phillips family after the 8th Street 5K. :)  Way to go BRANDON!! ;)
 Fort. :)
 Colbs just playin on the scooter. LOL!!

 We participated in Love Ocala this year.  We helped prepare lunch at a soup kitchen and food pantry.  It was fun!
 Daisy's weekly report :)

Saturday, February 23

February FUN

Enjoy some Jones family regular life in February in these photos...

 In the very theme color of February I broke down and ordered my Sweet Co his very own box of only red crayons.  He LOVES red and had used up or broken all we had in the huge crayon bin.  :)
 SO these are Isaac's Valentines.  And I have to say that I felt guilty about it.  EV. ER. EE. ONE else sends in FULL ON goodie bags and "Isaac's" tattoo on a paper valentine (w no printed personalization/pic of him/cute printable from Pinterest) seemed to pale in comparison.  I don't care.  I hold strong to my pride in old school Valentines (over priced tear apart cardboard w cartoons on them) as well as my money. ha!  Not to say I will never cave...but this year I stood strong! ;)
 This was what I chose to have on my phone's lock screen during Lent.  I wanted to be less obsessed w my phone.  It did actually help.
 Above is Funny.

And below is just awesome.  I happened to be actively enthralled by Downton Abbey when I saw this on FB.  Such a FAB show. :)

 Bloom from my yard.  Isn't is amazing what God makes that blooms in this perfectly gorgeous pattern?
 One of Isaac's recent works.
 This is from my man, Dan.  He is so very sweet to me. :)
 Colbie's Valentine Par-tay!

 Isaac's party too...

 back to C's

 I think the party mom thought Colbie was a boy. ;)  So goes the rest of her adorable little life, I guess.

 Daniel got some mustache tattoos for his office.  All of his staff put them on one day. He left his on that evening...cracking me up.  I had a hard time taking him seriously! :)
 CUTE CUTE Valentines that Daisy used.
 Backyard bounty!  Our oranges are SO sweet this year!!
 Meems came for a visit.  

Baseline bike trail w Meems

 We did a little bonfire in the backyard w our fire pit from Lowes...and prompty set the grass of fire (there was a small rusted out hole in the bottom) there by FREAKING OUT all of our children.  HAHAHA!  Daniel and I ran in opposite directions for a hose (in our defense we have 2 hooked up-front and back).  Daniel put it out quickly with all of our kids still sobbing. Hilarious!!  They have since recovered and will, in fact, roast marshmellow again.  But phew!  That was a close one. :)

 After 9 attempts this was the best "family in our hoods" shot we could get. Oh well, win some you lose some. :)
 After church ED and C at McAllisters. :) One age 6 and one age 3.

 Girls curled up hot tea watching a movie. :)