Sunday, September 29

Daisy Plays Volleyball

  Colbie found "Lorwa Bef" (Laura Beth) at the Y

 Good game, good game...
 Chili's for dinner after the game :)

Friday, September 27

more of September

 Isaac's art.

and this was the sticky trap after the rat got caught in it and GOT OUT.  EEEEEEWWWWW.  And this was after he licked some of our regular traps CLEAN. I am about to be that person with red eyes and red face wanting to chase a rat w a knife destroying things in my path.

 I love these ladies. :)
 Colbie headed to school w Gracie.  They are not in the same class but are still good friends. :)
 Isaac showing us his art at Open House

 Found some friends in the FLAME classroom
 We had the M basket. :)  Sent in marshmallows for a snack.

 Colbs and I have lunch on the porch together some days.  :)
 Daniel playing w the kids at Golden Ocala at Megan and Morgans party.
 Ms Davis and Daisy
 Our church is doing The Story.  :)  Really neat to read the story several times a week for each kid.

Sunday, September 22

Random pics and Rays Game w the Mittens

 UGH…the rat.  The healthy rat.  Who loves our bread and bananas.  It took WEEKS TO CATCH HIM.  So gross.

 She's got her eye on us… :)

 Daisy's teacher loves Garfield.  And so Daisy changed her name to Garfield. :)
 Whitney turned TWO!

Headed to a Rays game!

 It was a family day at the stadium and kids got these bobble heads.

 Running the bases after the game...