Wednesday, December 31


I am busy printing the last years blog book and I realized the captions don't match up due to space (so I don't have 9 volumes of 2014…2 is enough!)  So what to do from here on out?  Hmmm…  Makes me wanna skip the details but some pics need explanation!   

Like below…this is an obstacle course they set up to play and wheel around…not just a messy garage. :)

 NEW YEARS EVE IN THE SAC. ;)  Hmm not sure I should continue use of that abbreviation.  Things can get crazy and before you know it we will be using words like  "tramp" for trampoline.  "Let's go jump on the tramp!" doesn't sound good no matter what age you are. :)

 HAPPY 2015!!!!!!

Monday, December 29

Jones Christmas in SUNNY Florida :)

We had Christmas at our house!!!  It was so great to have everyone (well most everyone) here.  Daniel worked hard to make us ready.  There were stations of fun all around (fooseball table, iPad on bean bag, trampoline was new from "Santa," he had the pool heater fixed= swimming, basketball goal, old Nintendo set up in our loft and Meems and BePops gave everyone a rip stick!).  Everyone came and we just hung out around the house, shared the meals and relaxed. :)  This was our first Christmas we didn't have a toddler or baby (with us in the States)!  So we all really did sit and relax if we wanted to! Having said that…Sarah and Chris…when/if you are with us in the future …we are available and ready to help with yours!!!!!:)

 Are you proud Meems?

 Talent show by the kids...

 Brian Regan did some entertaining via his DVDs.  He did NOT disappoint. :)

 David saved a frisbee from the tree.
 We all tried to see the Nicholsons & Meems …w technical difficulties...

 They're so popular! :)

 Present time...

 Good times everyone :)  We loved having everyone here!! Tradition? :)

Loved this…Cause I ate my WEIGHT in EVERYTHING :)