Sunday, January 5

2013 Ends and 2014 Begins!

 Facetiming Hudson :)
 My new belt from Alli!
 We got this text pic from Dad…"How many does it take to change a 4 day olds diaper?"  :)
 Coco had a little tumble face first into the coffee table.  BLESS IT.  He was telling a football replay to Daisy and lost his balance on the couch and slammed his face on it.
 Next day. YIKES!
 Little throw back to my early married days. :)
 For New Years we went to the Highs house and had a bonfire and chili.  It was a fun reunion of Doxa friends. 

Day 2

Then Kara Griggs had an iceskating bday party.  It was THE COLDEST DAY!! high of 40 and windy!!  I was dying.

 Day 4

 We went to Gainesville for the night one weekend.  We hiked at Devils Millhopper and then went to the skate park down the street.

 We visited Tanglewood while in town…not much has changed.  The pool disappeared!  But same playground and toys. :)

 There were ants in the pile so that killed the fun...

 Apt 233 on the end. :)

 That Sunday was PJ Jam at church!  Cute :)
 Typical. :)

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Jamie Greene said...

Poor Isaac, that's quite a shiner! And oh, Camp Tanglewood...