Wednesday, January 1

Meems and BePops came

Meems and BePops came to see us after we got home from Atlanta.  It was a fun visit.  We went to see the light show at Silver Springs.  We went down to the Villages to eat dinner and dance in the square.  I forgot to add this post to my blog before my blog book was printed. will have to go in next years. :)

 My new nativity set. :)
 Bepops got a head scratcher for Christmas. :)
 Isaac got a suitcase. :)

 We went to Silver Springs and it was buy one lb of fudge…get one free.  Hey, here's a little tip…a pound is a LOT of fudge.  :)  We had all we could dream of wanting and more.

 Jeaner w her umbrella. :)

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