Sunday, February 16

Colbie turns FOHr (how she says 4)!

Kayla helped the kids decorate for the party while we were in Tampa.  YAY Kayla!
Daisy got rollerblades for her birthday.  So…naturally, so did Colbs.  She had such a fun time at Daisy's skating "pah-tee" that she wanted some skates of her own.  "MOM…MOM…like the ones I had, used at the woller wink." (The kids skates that go over the shoes.)

She's such a BIG GIRL!!

Donut holes for her bday in class!

Meems got Bean a new suitcase!

We decorated her room. :)
Kayla had made a fun breaking thru area of streamers on her door for when she woke up and came out.  Well the next am at 5:30 we hear, "HEY!  I am STUCK IN HEE-OW! MAMA!  HELP ME OUT!"  :)

Family gifts
The skates!

She saw the heart cakes at Betty Cakes and asked for one.  Easy.  Done. :)

The Millers, Phillips, Schucks, and Kayla and Zach came. :)

Happy Birthday to Jean, Happy Birthday to Queen, Happy Birthday to Bean Bean, Happy Birthday to you! ;)

These ladies are proving why we are such good friends…cause they are so easy and wonderful.  They jump right in and start serving the cake and ice-cream.  It may have been prompted by my cutting the cake w a spatula…but whatever the reason…they are THE BEST!!!

Daisy (9), Coco (6), Deanie (7), Whitney (2), Grant (8), Livi (10), Beaner (4) and Kyle (3)

Ms Kayla that we adore. :)  Colbie thought it was part of her birthday that Kayla came to babysit the night before!! :)

Then we all went to Skate Away South.

Below is Colbie bossing PHIL (KYLE'S DAD!) to let go of Kyle.  Goodness gracious…*SIGH* Bless my heart!!!
The boss takes over...

Isaac takes the run on the skates approach.  It's rather loud (CLACK-CLACK-CLACK!  CLACK!) Whatever works!

Here's a little tip:  rollerskating is hard.  Especially for kids.  SO unless you go often wait til the kids are 9 and up to go. :)  We all had fun. But unless the little ones had the kids skates it was ROUGH. ;)

She got bored on the rink...
Then they played on Jill's phone. HA!
The music turns off…the rink empties.  It's time to leave.  I am looking for Jean and I look out and see this…she was running like a streaker on the rink!  Thankfully CLOTHED but just sprinting out in the open all alone!  HAHAHA!
Grant helped Colbs put together her new Ariel legos!
We got her these birthday balloons.  Her first choice was a "Happy 21st Birthday!"  Im very surprised he didn't get it for her!  HA!

Colbie Jean…you are our spunky, funny little girl.  Your little strong self keeps us on our toes.  You can also be very sweet and kind to your siblings.  No, you have really turned a corner in the last few months!!   You are very loving w us and like to cuddle.  Who knew!?  HAHA!  We still never know what you will say or what you will boss us to do. I have NO idea where you get that. ;) Your laugh, your dancing, your toughness, your coordination and determination amaze us.  You are so fun!  We love you Colbie Jean and are so very thankful you are ours. :)


Buddy and Maurine said...

So fun to see what happened at her birthday party!! Seems like she had such a good time!

Sarah Nicholson said...

Such a big girl! That looks like so much fun:) I really wish you had gotten the 21st birthday balloon... Tell her her fellow "bean" cousin in Africa says happy birthday, too!