Saturday, February 1

Daisy is 9!

Sweet Daisy turned NINE!   Like one short of a decade, people.  Whaaaa???  I can't even believe it.  She had mentioned wanting roller blades a few months ago.  So we got her those…and she was so excited.  SHE LOVES THEM.  She puts them on whenever we are home.  She skates around the house…and occasionally we hear a crash or thud…and it's her.  HA!  She usually hops up smiling and laughing at herself.  She will skate around while studying.  Once she asked to wear them when we were leaving wanting to wear them in the car and promising she would take them off when we arrived.  HAHA -- Silly girl.  

Daisy is still my wonderful helper.  All the way down to wiping Colbie's bottom (WITH her skates on!).  SILLY can describe her on most days.  She loves to sing and dance and put on shows.  She talks her siblings into a show quite often.  She is creative and likes to draw.  I love being w her and laughing w her.  She is a good thinker often asking questions that are ahead of her age.  She is very affectionate. She is compassionate to others.  But can also worry herself to death about things.  She is a natural leader (as most first borns are) and sometimes has to be reigned in when dealing w her siblings.  She is extremely driven and responsible when it come to school. (I got a little spoiled on her and when Isaac started this year…I had a rude awakening. HA!)

We took her and fav friends Alexis and Coralei skating (with their families).

Not to be left out…Skate Away South had these little skates and Colbie was a super skater on those things!  She loved it!

Coralei w a little help from Daniel.
Coralei has been brave both years Daisy's invited her to skate.  
We decided next to maybe give her a break-- bless her heart!! 

(Isaac was a friends house.)
Later we went to pick up Isaac at his buddy Layne's house.  He met Layne this year in school and loves him.
Then we left that party and went to eat sushi for Daisy's bday…her choice!  :)
The kids trying wasabi! yikes!
Then to Baskin Robbins for some ice-cream.
I think she likes her skates. :)

Daisy got A Honor Roll and some other awards at this 3rd Grade award banquet.

 Daisy wrote an essay about Lola and read it to the crowd while Lola received the Childrens Choice award for her class. :)
 Daisy w her teacher Ms Davis.

 We took her Zaxby's for lunch on her birthday.
 The room decor...
 Colbie at her awards ceremony.
 This is what I mean by silly… hahahaha!


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