Monday, February 3

February FUN!

 A few more cute shots of Daisy on stage. :)

 So this was the weather when mom and Julie were coming down from Nashville.  Such a bummer!!  
 Best Buds

 Still adore this tea…drink it daily!
 It was PJ day at school. :)
 And they celebrated Ms Keri's bday. :)

 Went to get pedi's w the girls for Daisy's bday.
 The sun came out for a little window of time.  YAY!  We had lunch on the terrace at Pi.

 Did a little sunning in the back yard. :)
 Then it was time to get ready for the Father Daughter Dance.  Colbie got to go this year. :)  Daniel was telling her that his tie matched her dress.  She was so excited. :)

We even curled her hair!  SO PRECIOUS!

 Aunt Julie did Daisy's hair. 

 Sweet girls!

 Putting on their corsages. 
 Daniel said Colbie's was a pain in the butt cause she wouldn't keep it on. ;)  HAHA.

 This was Michael and Alexis' ride…a sharp contrast to the 99 Honda.  HA!
 Dinner at the Melting Pot w Coralei, Brian, Alexis and Micheal.

 This was THE game of Candy Land that Colbie felt no remorse for beating Jeeg.  She pumped her fist in the air and made a raspberry sound (hard to write it!) when she heard Jeeg crying in defeat.  We will not soon forget.
 It was a gorgeous evening (OF COURSE) when they left town.  :(  We rode bikes and played at a park.

 This wraps up Colbs in a picture. :)

 At the dance.  (Btw have you noticed my kids ALWAYS choose the tiniest friends?  And the smaller they are it seems they are their very fav. --i.e.: Kyle and Colbie, Isaac and Layne, Daisy and Cora! I'm serious…how do they do it??)

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