Saturday, February 15

This year we had a Valetine's Date. :)

This is unusual for us but we had Valentines plans…well the day after actually.

I bought tickets in JANUARY and didn't tell Daniel til Valentines Day!  I was super proud of myself.  (If you know me, you may wanna get your life right cause THE END IS NEAR. ;))    We had Kayla come and we headed to Tampa to see Once.  We ate at Maestro's Restaurant IN the Straz Theater where the show took place.  Very good food!  

 A cool part about the play was that before it started and during intermission the bar on stage functioned as a REAL bar.  

I would not give this play a very high rating.  (And I am not just saying that to prove that I don't say everything "WAS SO FUN!"  I feel I type that quite often.)  But really, it was not our fav.  I wouldn't recommend it.  But being w Daniel was worth it.  He "WAS SO FUN"! ;)  I love you, Daniel.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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