Friday, February 14


I really love sending out Valentines.  Just a good excuse to tell people you really care about them.  I found these online at Rifle Paper Co.  

This picture below is like a slice of heaven for me. :)  I love stationary, writing, a great pen and Sweet and Spicy Tea. :)  I even love cute stamps. :)
Yard Valentines

Isaac's art
We still love Pete. ;)

Isaac and I made a Valentines box for his class Valentines.

Valentines Strawberry!
Got these at Sams for Coco's Valentines. :)

Of course they ALL want tea when I have it.  The Sweet and Spicy can be too spicy for them (turns their upper lips RED!).  So they get Sleepy Time.

From myValentine. :)

Colbie's Valentine's Party!

Wearing our Valetines colors
Daisy had a Valentine Sock Hop that day.  Everyone had on red or hearts. :)  Then we spent that afternoon w the Gormans at the park and then dinner.
Cha Cha slide
Tori, Zosia, and Dais

Daisy, Coralei, Alexis and Muriel

And even Nanny is ready for Valentines! :)

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