Sunday, March 2

February and start of March

Becky found this fun elephant for me!!  I love this guy!!!  RTR!
Homework after school at a park…w a little brother over seeing the work. :)
Daisy was really sick w strep (that was negative early on)…it was Scarlet Fever.  She was so pitiful.  :( (I spy a very relaxed naked child…)

I'm a sucker for a sunset. :)

Yes, I still scrapbook. :)
Isaac's needs and wants list from school assignment.  Needs:  water, food, air, clothes, safety?
Wants:  trophy, basketball, dog, rocket, phone  HA!

Went to a bday at a Balcony Gym.  They always love the trampoline. :)
Daisy, Coralei, Emma, Alexis and Muriel (the birthday girl).

We went out to Eatons Beach for dinner.  It was a super long wait but the kids had fun playing while we waited.

So it was not as warm as it looks in these pics…it was like high 60's…and i was comfy in my boots…but the ONLY one there with them on.  HA.

Daisy organized a backyard race for the fam complete w a finish line. :)  Here are the winners (after some weeping and gnashing of teeth)...

Isaac snooping on our neighbors down the street. :)

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