Sunday, March 16


Daniel participated "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" as a fundraiser for Altrusa.  It was a fun experience. We were all his cheering section.  Daisy cried when he didn't win.  :)

Not long after that…my dreams came true and he shaved off his beard!!!!! YAY!!!!

Enjoy the progression.

and below the Buddy Jones Pose. :)
Silly Kindergarteners at lunch. :)
Isaac, Kensey and Macy
Layne tried!

IF: Table at Bible Study

Seeing Baby Kelly

Isaac's St Patty's Day sock hop!

Phillips kids and mine playing in the backyard. :)
The night we went on a double date

Cyndie kept them and we had a blast…and so did they!

Grant's last day of football.  This kid is a natural!!!!  VERY good.  :)

Isaac and Jonathan at Jonathans Super hero Bday party.
Dirty toes!
Bike riding

Isaac likes being twins w Dan. :)
This CRACKED ME UP….We were writing a card to a little girl who knocked her teeth out.  Colbie was copying us all writing sorry…but stopped short.  She just wrote, "SO."  LOL  So insensitive Colbs!! :)

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