Sunday, April 20

More April

My sweet Granddaddy is sick.  I love this picture of Nanny tending to him.

I went with Daisy on her Field trip to the Orlando Science Center.  I sat w Lola on the way.  She was SUPER excited it was field trip day.  She may have asked me 15 times "how much longer?"  She is a sweet girl.
Janae and Daisy
Lola, Daisy and Carter
Tornado experience.

Kristie and I gave the forecast a shot. :)
This was a fun show called "KABOOM" we all went to see.

IMAX of Monarch Butterfly migration…it was a close one on the car sickness for me.

Colbie chilled at Kyle's after school while we were coming back from Orlando.
Went to work out w my friends and we all had on purple! :)
MOPS!  Honoring the mentors. :)
Colbie Jean art.
Shoot me now.
playing in the rain at the new house.
Nanny and Granddaddy watching an old Bama game together.
Judy and Granddaddy.

One weekend we headed to Nashville to furniture shop.
Here is Super Dad doing what he does best. :)

Julie sent me this of the girls….I LOVE IT.  Everyone needs a naked tea party every once in a while. :)
This was the first time we swam in our new pool!!!

Back to Jacksonville. Hanging in the hotel.

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