Sunday, April 20

Renovation begins, Easter and family

 Here we go!  Started w "Let's just paint these cabinets and take out the pantry" to a much more extensive plan (as you will see).  I would love to give you all the details but it's all a bit of blur to me now!  You'll see it go down step by step.  Maybe at the end of the reno I will give a before and after post.  Who am I giving this to?  Well, mom and Dan and Alli…and myself 10 years from now when I have forgotten what even happened at all. :)  I do remember that when they took down the drywall there was a LARGE plumbing pipe in the wall of the pantry.  SO…that was the first of several "surprises" along the way.  All part of the "fun."

 This (above) is the Co's laundry pile.  Bless his little "never changing his undies" heart!

Jean in her sunglasses. :)

 Colbs on a playdate w her friend Khiley Armstrong. :)
 Easter party at St Paul's!
 Hunting eggs

Prayer before the party food!

Khiley got her mask on all by herself. ;)

 Ms Keri's Bunnies
 Colbie and Kyle

 My parents came into town for Easter!  We went kayaking w Discovery Kayak Tours (read: our friend Ryan Toler).  :)

 Dan had BOTH younger ones in his boat.  HE. WAS. A. TROOPER. :)

 Easter Baskets!
 Sunday lunch at my house w mom, dad and the Phillips. :)
 Had a hard time getting a shot w Alli cause of the photo bombers. :)

 Egg hunt!

 Daisy and Emma found the cash eggs.  Maybe Isaac too...

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