Sunday, May 4

Camping w the Tolers in the Rain

The Toler's invited us to cram into their camper w them and enjoy a weekend at Fort Wilderness.  The weather was NOT on our side.  But we had fun anyway! :)

The rain did not stop the kids!

The pool was pretty awesome…and heated! :)

Emma and Lisa.

Early morning golf cart ride while the others were sleeping.
Isaac took a turn driving.  They all did.  Only on Colbie's turn did our lives flash before our very eyes!!
Hot chocolate all around.


Jean serenading us w "Let it GOOOO!"

Here's a little lesson for you all:  don't take a selfie using your underwater phone case THROUGH the water.  YIKES.
I mean, apparently this phone underwater selfie stuff takes so concentratin'! HA!

Balancing Colbie on one hand...
Josh and Ryans turn!  HAHAHA!

Kyle was there the same weekend!  Colbie was thrilled to see him.  He felt the same. :)


A TRUE photobomb!!  Thanks Ryan! :)

Chip and Dale at the campfire sing-a-long.



The morning we left… UGH

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