Friday, May 23

Little Bo Peep and more May

 Here she is!!  Little Bo Peep!  So glad that Alli had this costume for us to borrow!  How cute is it?

They all dressed up as a part of a Nursery Rhyme.  It was adorable.

Colbie sang and performed EVERYONE's song.  The three little kittens was probably the most animated. :)  Especially the " you naughty kittens" part. Yikes!

 Here's Bo Peep and her sheep (Hunter and Kyle).

 She's looking and they're "wagging their tails behind them."  HA!

 This lady w the iPad was about to see twinkle, twinkle little stars of her very own IF SHE DIDN'T PUT DOWN THE BLASTED COMPUTER MONITOR she used to document the event.  Grrrrr.  She took pics and video of EVERY SINGLE PART.  Blocking those behind her.  VERY frustrating.
 Little Ducklings
 Laura Beth…as a Star.  One of the cutest things I have EVER seen.

Shelley came to see Colbs!!
Kyle sporting the sheep fro. :)

Greeting her adoring fans. :)

Ms Tasheena

We had a birdie build a nest in our mailbox!  So cute to see that mama sit on her eggs.  And then see the babies!

Hudson getting bigger!
I made some "healthy" cookies.  And they were good hot…but ok not.  See what I get for trying a new recipe?  whatevs...
Armadillo in the yard!  And they were babies.  Must have had their days and night mixed up.

Water Day at St Pauls!

Belle giving Colbie "beauty shop" treatment

Dan's promo for referring offices. :)

This is Daniel's office with all the kids art hung up. :)  The bathroom door is covered too!   He's a sweet Daddy.

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