Sunday, May 11

Mother's Day, House stuff, randoms and Symphony Under the Stars!

MOTHER'S DAY!!!  I got my annual breakfast in bed!!  I love this. :) Daniel makes some amazing french toast.
These were all my cards. :)
Daniel got me this awesome collage of our Kenya trip!!!!! LOVE IT.
sweet notes from Daisy...

Now that I recollect…I was pumped for these answers nonchalantly by my eldest child.  HA!  I wouldn't say I am afraid of her growing up…but truly I do have a fear of someone close to me getting hurt…but that doesn't seem to be mothers day poem material!  HA!!  And the stairs I wanted to see were in San Fran. ;) Oh well.  I loved this!

SYMPHONY UNDER THE STARS!!!!  A little rainy this year.  But I still love it.  Look forward to it each year!

Ryan and Daniel were playing ring the water bottle w the glow necklace. :)

This was Ryan waiting to get my phone back…it wasn't taking pics for him…but when I took it from did!! HAHA

Sweet Brady Pell

I washed my hair today….HIDING from the rain. :)

Dan w Colbie during the fireworks. :)

She got sorta brave…this was even w the noise canceling headphones!
GLOW FUN!  They passed this stuff out for free!

Pocket door

COCO lost his first tooth!  I think this was the one Daddy yanked w pliers…(insert big eyes smiley face emoji here!)

Sweet Lu's bedhead. Isn't she adorable???
More choosing...

Sweet Huddy Hud Hud smiling!
My purse w 2 calendars, my meal planner, tape measure…etc…house planning stuff
Watching Daddy leave for work.
I LOVED this book.  Alli got it for me.  It was perfect for me during all this home planning stuff.
First time in the new pool!!!

Daddy likes to do Ab Ripper X…and the kids likes to do it too. :)

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