Monday, May 26

St Augustine for Memorial Day

We headed to the beach for Memorial Day weekend.  We stayed in a great condo.  Plenty of room and the location to Publix could not be beat!  It was nice and relaxing.

My babies on the beach. 

We LOVE the east coast for kids.  Sand is fun to play in, beach is huge w plenty of room between tents, long way to the water, big waves, but takes longer to deep!  I had to get used to the sun setting behind me in the evening.  ;)  But I've adjusted.  ha!

Digging a HUGE tunnel.

Told you!  HUGE!  Naked man in there!  HAHA…not really. ;)

Yes, great idea…let's jump on the top till it falls heavy on my precious 9 year old.  WHA???
Play hard, sleep hard.

Cute little star fish!

Putting my water case to use.

We took one afternoon to go see the light house in St Augustine.  
It was a LONG way up.  (Hang in there Jean!)
The view was worth it!  As long as I was holding on to the Bean.

We did it!!

Pool fun!  Also this was the trip that Co tripped while running w his Boogie Board and fell face first on the sand.  :(  He got himself a nice sand burn.  Poor guy!
Crab hunting catches!

We went to the Fort in St Augustine and walked around the shops.  We ate at Columbia for lunch. :)

The real canons were fired…which as you probably guessed THRILLED Colbie.  Bless her heart! We hid in the gift shop and it was very faint when it was fired.  :)

We went and had the fancy schmancy popsicles for dessert…super odd flavors.  They were just ok.

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Cheri said...

Oh my goodness, Melanie. These pictures are so beautiful! (I know I'm a little late seeing them, but I'm loving them now!) We just got back from Cape San Blas in Florida, and we loved it so much. Hoping to get a ticket for If in February! Love you guys...