Friday, May 2

Umbrellas, Cafeteria Field Day, and more house stuf

I didn't blog this detail…but Daisy's teacher, Ms Davis left during the year.  So Mrs. Barnett replaced her.  I was trying to help her out (since she was new and all) and tell her I would do whatever I could to help her.  Clearly I meant something I would WANT to do…but she asked me to be in charge of the classes Art Auction project.  Shoot!  ;)  I'm kidding (kinda).  So I stressed til I saw these cute umbrellas on Pinterest.  I had the kids draw their pics and I traced them on the umbrellas.  It didn't make us any large sum at the auction but I did my part. :)

My laundry helper. :)

I also helped Kelly w Ms Harris' class project.

She made a little reading nook w books and a little bench to sit on.
I took these crazies w me to Lowes one day. :)

more paint colors…shoot me and now shoot you too, right? :)

Colbs and I went to look at furniture.  SHE LOVED the fake food.  HA!

Paint samples I bought.
The crew in Target...

Coming along

FIELD DAY was so rainy!!! :(  So Mrs Behr moved it in doors!  The kids didn't care!  They had a blast!

Ms Behr

Coco's turn

Jeaner was not as entertained.

oh boy...

Chase, Lane, Jonathan and Isaac :)

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