Friday, June 27

House, choices, Anniversary, FCAT

Poor Bean…drug all around town and to the house a million times while we get ready to move.

Coming together!

New couches!

New table!
Daniel did the sweetest thing!  He surprised me by re-enacting our engagement in the backyard.  All the parts were there.  So sweet to sit at that card table w the same cake, juice and items and see 3 precious kids smiling back at us!  Happy 13th Anniversary Dan. :)
So sweet. :)
We had a fun IF reunion w the girls from my Feb trip to the IF conference in Austin.  We had a blast!
Vicky, Jessica, Alli, Kristie, (above) Linda, Rachel, Steph and Fat Head…wait, I mean me. :)

This is Coco CRACKING UP at Tom and Jerry.  Glad he enjoys the classics. :)

Sunday, June 22

Birthday fun in June

Bless Colbie's heart.  She's being consoled after falling on these skates.  LOL!
Livi did this to my hair after I showed her a Pinterest link. Pretty amazing right??

Beaner just enjoying some cereal in the open breeze feeling of no britches. :)
Alli had a special dinner just for me for my Bday!  The girls painted me canvases and we had mexican. It was so sweet!

Kids in the Y childcare for big kids.  They work out while having fun!

Fun w the Phillips at City Walk in Orlando for my Bday.

Had to say goodbye to Miss Kayla!!!  She is moving to Orlando for school.  SO BUMMED about it.  But so happy for her!

Packing up…and love how all my kids are just in the same room doing their own thing.

Sunday, June 15

more Granddaddy and Nashville trip

The last week of school Grandaddy was really not doing well.  They had called Mama and my aunts in and they were staying by his side.  Granddaddy finally went to be w God on June 4th, 2014.  I have so many sweet memories with him.  He was such a loving man, tending to those in need.  He loved God with all his heart and lived his life like it.  He loved cornbread and buttermilk, Alabama football and Nanny.  He referred to himself as "Nanny's husband" in cards and would often write on the inside "I would have added money to this card but it was already sealed."  HA.  When we were little Nanny would take us shopping for our birthdays and he always said, "Well, did y'all leave anything in the mall for everyone else to buy?"  :)  (Nanny did spoil us w lots of things when we shopped.)  He was ALWAYS telling me (and the other granddaughters) that we looked nice and that we were just gorgeous.  He would say how proud he was of us.  Once when I lost a tooth (like one of the big ones in the back) the "Granddaddy Toothfairy" came to see me…and I got $18!!!!  WOO HOO!  He was a savvy business man that started several successful companies.  But he never forgot where he came from.  He often referred to Fort Deposit, AL.  When I was young married I hand drew cards as a small side business.  Granddaddy thought they were great and took a portfolio of my cards to a local shop to see if they would consider selling them!  He even spoke w people about having them mass printed!  he believed in me!  I will never forget that. :)  We will all miss him so much.  I love you Granddaddy!

These are pics at the cemetery where his ashes were taken.  He has a military burial.  What an honor to watch those soldiers honor him and Nanny but unfolding and folding the flag and playing taps.  It was beautiful.

Presenting Nanny with the flag.

After the ceremony at the cemetery our crew headed off to Nashville for our annual visit.

(OH! One more pic…here is Hudson signaling w his eyes…someone rescue me!!!  hahaha!  Sweet Jeaner!)

Nashville was fun as always.  We played in the backyard and on the back porch.

Mom and Dad got a croquet set which made for some fun times.

This was our big family shot at the funeral.
Papa helped the older 2 build bird houses.  :)
park time w cousins!

Same cousins---about 4 years ago. :)

Silly E Claire!
The backyard

Checking out a turtle on a hike at Radnor Lake

Did a little shopping… :)
EMERY CLAIRE TURNED 4!!!!! She had a pink and purple party.

She was a great gift opener. :)

We went to see a children's play at Cheekwood for family night. SO much fun!

Photo courtesy of Jeaner...
This one too… :)

Lightning bugs!!

Bounce U

Eating at Burger Republic.  Daniel gave it an A plus!!!
Lulu was copying Daisy.  :)  She was so adorable!!!!!!  She would gasp at anyone coming toward her and say their name in complete surprise.  I loved it each time.  "GASP!  A-t Meh-nie!"

Mom and Dads
Julie's old house :(
Flowers in my mom and dad's yard!

the last morning we went and ate at Marche.  It was DE-LISH.  It was a different little european flavored place.

Orangina! (Daniel used to love this stuff growing up in France.)
Mom and I had some yummy cinnamon tea made locally in Nashville.

Moms breakfast. :)
Papa, Jeeg, Isaac and Flat Stanley in TN. :)

On the way home we broke up the trip and stayed a Meems and BePops in Columbus.  Meems had made a special night for my bday!  Chocolate drop cookies…NON DAIRY!!!!  I may or may not have eaten 11. ;)
and gave me this cute bag!
Bepops, Meems, Isaac and Flat Stanley in GA.
One last shot of Papa and Isaac on our hike. :)