Sunday, June 22

Birthday fun in June

Bless Colbie's heart.  She's being consoled after falling on these skates.  LOL!
Livi did this to my hair after I showed her a Pinterest link. Pretty amazing right??

Beaner just enjoying some cereal in the open breeze feeling of no britches. :)
Alli had a special dinner just for me for my Bday!  The girls painted me canvases and we had mexican. It was so sweet!

Kids in the Y childcare for big kids.  They work out while having fun!

Fun w the Phillips at City Walk in Orlando for my Bday.

Had to say goodbye to Miss Kayla!!!  She is moving to Orlando for school.  SO BUMMED about it.  But so happy for her!

Packing up…and love how all my kids are just in the same room doing their own thing.

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