Monday, June 9

House, Driveway, end of school, and Granddaddy

Dr Jones is busy at work fixing my teeth. :)

Had our bannister painted!

The drive way was about to be finished so we went over to add our hand prints!  I checked the kids outta school to do it.  It was one of the last half days…what were they really doing anyway? :)

Coco checking out his own library books. :)
What Colbie did with her books.  I'm gathering she's not much into looking at books on her own...
These 2 did this for THREE hours after we got home.  Amazing.

Last day of school FUN!  Coralei and Alexis came over.  They were all so cute chatting and laughing.  So happy school was out!
Coco's work

Tony Taupe in the foyer
Light grey for Co's room  (Did I mention Julie picked most of my colors?)

Bean made a fort at home...

Ceiling is done!

Swimming fun…Mr Brandon jumped in the pool FULLY CLOTHED.  HA!

Dinner at Mojo's
Headed to Bham

He IS Capt Adorable!
We all headed to Bham for Grandaddy's funeral.  It's always bittersweet to be with out him but knowing he's in peace now w God.  And as usual it was a fun time with the Cokers. :)

Luke, Co, Colbs, Gracie, Isabel and Dais

Singing all together. :)
Sweet Nanny.
Jackson was the FAV.  The kids LOVED him.  Colbie still says she wants to marry him.

Emery, Colbie, Luke, Isabel, Gracie, Daisy, Isaac and Lu

The girls all went shopping one afternoon in downtown Homewood.  So fun. :)
(Me, Nan, Judy, Julie, Mama and Emily)

The kids did a talent show for us. :)

A little game of headbands on the back porch at Jan's.
Lucy found a pen at the hotel…. :)
Church Sunday Morning
Once again, Hudsons "HELP ME" look. :)
From Granddaddy's Bible
Baliz and Jules

Daniel and kids at Livi's graduation.  Don't get me started on why I wasn't there.  But just know I REALLY wanted to be!

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