Sunday, June 1

May to June: end of school, house stuff and Granddaddy

Just to tie things up here…this was the view from our Condo in St Augustine for Memorial Day.

And this is Colbie pouting. :)

Just cause we don't live in a house doesn't mean we don't use the pool!!! :)

Tearing up the drive way to make a new one.  Good times...
Got our new support beam for the opening of the dining room.  All very exciting things w the house. :)

Jeaner rockin' out in her class to "boo-galoo--boo--boo-galoo!"

Cute cupcakes for her end of the year party.  We loved this class and having Ms. Keri and Ms. Tasheena. :)  Ms. Keri got in to the songs too.


Curse words about choosing paint colors.  :/

Daisy had an end of the year award ceremony.  She got all A's honor roll, 100% homework, and the Children's Choice Character award.  I think some other stuff too (AR points?) but sometimes it seems they makes stuff up to give out a certificate!! :)  But never fear!  I kept it all in her keepsakes. We were so VERY proud of her.

Shelley came to support her. :)
Off to CHOOSE a counter top.  The choices never end!  I am a decisive person but this is ridiculous!
Chose a faucet and sink...

Isaac had his Kindergarten class graduation one afternoon.  I can't believe it's over already!  We were a little late to it…5 MINS…and they had already sang…TWICE.  Sheesh!  Make announcements first!  Isaac was looking for us and was sad w missed it which made me wanna cry too. (enter distraught face emoji….I am going to be honest…I have a hard time not being able to using those on this blog!!)
Aren't their little hats cute?

Isaac got lots of certificates too…reading, homework, all E's, AR tests…and maybe being the CUTEST, I'm not sure. ;)

Isaac and Mrs Harris.  She was serious about them obeying and about them learning.  Isaac (pretty much) stayed in line and did fine.  He liked her and would make her notes and pictures. :)  He had a good year w her. I was thrilled she let me come in her class once a week and help her w tasks.

Slowly getting done!!
more painting done!
Isaac and Avery.  Y'all I have to say…Isaac was Mr Kindergarten in his class. I mean several kids wanted their pic taken w Isaac after the little program.  I am sure it's cause he is one of the oldest and tallest. :)  But some many of the moms said, "Is Isaac yours?  My child talks about him all the time."  HA!  Hopefully good! :)
More breaking in the pool with our soon-to-be new neighbors!

Pool side arm wrestling. :)
Hitch hiker on Isaac's nerd gun!
DJ Daisy was mixing it up back in our old house. :) HAHAHA. Isaac was the dancer.

Here is some of Co's work:

"My sister Daisy is kind cause she helped me when I got hurt."
This is a great pic of his bed at home!!  Sailboat quilt, brown head board and footboard.  He's a little artist!
Loved this pic of Fly Guy doing a victory dance.

I realised at the end of the year that Daisy was nominated for 3 character of the month awards:  Respect, Tolerance and Self-Discipline.  So proud.  I think Isaac was also Respect.
Here is Co's Kindergarten Grad pic that Ms Harris and I did w the kids.  Each parent got a 5x7 photo to take home in a paper frame.  Isaac just did a face plant in the sand on Memorial Day so that nice big scab was in place for all the end of the year photos. :)

At the end of school Granddaddy was getting worse and worse.  Julie was able to go and see him. She sent me these pics from the room so I could feel a part.  I wish I could have been there.  These pics brought tears to my eyes.  I love my family.

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