Saturday, July 5

Cagle Family Vakay 2014: SanDestin

Cagles on VAY-KAY!!!  We all shared a place in Sandestin.  A very tall place w never ending stairs! :)  Julie and I (and then the husbands) stayed up in the loft on the very top.  Forgetting something upstairs was QUITE the bummer.  It was a commitment to go up there or come down.  We had to be on our A game. And if we ever went up…we asked if anyone needed anything to spare the others calf cramps. :)

It was so fun to cuddle Huddy.  The ANGEL baby.  And to hear Lulu talk like a Kindergartener.  I mean it.  That child is super verbal.  "Ant Meeh nie!  I haf suh mee-ulk?" (Aunt Melanie, I have some milk?)  She is SO clear and it's crazy to hear that come out of a less than 2 year old!

It was fun to hang out on the porch in the morning.

This surprise brought the pizza home one night. HAHAHAHA!!!!

We had a blast playing on the golf course after dinner at night. :)

See what I mean below?  there were 2 sets of these...

We met up w the Cagle cousins several times. :)

Waiting for fire works!!!

Shopping fun one day!

Had a surprise party for Beau. :)
Our turn sans tattoos

One day the waves were INSANE and so much fun to play in!!!



Bike ride to the Wharf

Golf lessons from Scott

Cindy bought all the kids fun tshirts w their names!


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