Sunday, July 20

July house stuff and Gatlinburg Summer Vacation

Kitchen progress!
Daisy made this little pic collage of pics on my phone while we were on Cagle Vakay. :)
We found this paper that Daisy wrote a few years back.  It had a pic of the whole Jones fam being silly.  This was her caption:  "Sometimes you wake up and it's time to be funny."  LOL!
Sometimes in this kitchen renovation and move it got a little nuts in the cul-de-sac!!!! Once we had 6 different services there at once.  My head was spinning!
This is our kitchen guy Ryan…no, not the arms…the face in the hole in the floor!! :)
Daisy got her new bed.  SO exciting!
Bean had been begging for a hair cut.  So we went for it since we were tired of brushing it out after showers and swimming. :)

Here is Daisy w Baby Kelly Miller. :)  She was falling asleep in Daisy's arms!!  Sweet baby.
Stopped in Columbus on the way to Gatlinburg. :)
meems made a fun bday night for me. :)

our cabin

See the raccoon by Coblie's dress?  they ate the food from restaurant. :)

Mining for GOLD! or Gems or rocks… :)

Sky lift


Frozen….it's the trolls…trying to sing and make them unroll and come out. :) ("Anna, because I love you, I insist you run…" Olaf)

Nothing like trail mix in dirty hands on a hike. :)  That'd be dirt AND Dorito dust. ;)

Dollywood was a BLAST!

Daisy LOVED the rides.  Isaac wasn't quite there yet. :)


Kingdom Heirs


Colbie punching the fish. :)

Cade's cove!

I lost my phone.  Ask me for the story.  I will never forget.  :)


Gatlinburg Vakay Overview:

Arrived sat evening --Howard's, Gem mining, Skylift, kids in hot tub, grocery store and kk hot light!

Sun--hiked cataract falls trail by sugar land visitor center, hiked in creek, had lunch at top of falls, swim at the pool with the big Beachball, the cops and Nemo came,

Mon-  Dollywood, saw the Kingdom heirs, dinner aunt Granny's buffet, great rides

Tues-Ripleys aquarium, hiking at Laurel Falls, went home and got in the hot tub, then made spaghetti for dinner

Wed - B and M left, Jeeg & Papa came, went to Cades Cove, walk to Gatlinburg strip and ate at mellow mushroom, panorama point (chilly!!)

Thurs-- pancake pantry (pb syrup!) and tubing (lost and found my phone!), nanny's soup

Fri--rain, Ober gatlinburg, applewood grill (apple barn) and kk hot light

Sat--headed home and met w high school friends in Knoxville. ;)

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