Wednesday, July 23

TIME TO MOVE!!!!!! And more end of July/Start of Aug

 I can get rid of these rat blockers. ;) YAY!

 Dad!  MY DAD!!!  I mean there is no other work horse like my Dad!  He walked in, greeted us and go to work and before I knew it the Living room had a pile of broken down boxes and shelves full of books!!

below he is FOLDING MY CLOTHES.  And he organized my laundry room.  And when he left the entire downstairs was DONE.  Unpacked and situated.    WOW.  And he had 15 minutes til he had to leave and he asked what was one last thing he could do.  I mentioned a few…and in 15 mins ISAAC'S ROOM WAS DONE…organized and unpacked.  He's amazing.  I LOVE YOU DAD.  And not use cause you're a hard worker. ;)
 All our socks missing their matches…YIKES.
 I sent Julie this text the morning Dad was leaving to come help her move...

We celebrated P's bay w the Phillips at the Comptons. :)

I appears that the 4 man totem pole is carrying a sword and is ready to joust.  But no, it's Granddaddy w a pool skimmer. :)

Who's eyes are these? :)

Getting P suited up w all his Spiderman gear and bike!
 The loft all set up!

 Guest room!

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