Sunday, August 31

Updates on the kids…stuff I don't wanna forget

I need to write down some of the sweet and funny things my kids have said lately…

--All past tense is an -ed.  Like I "brush-ed" my teeth or I clean-ed my room.  It's pretty cute.
--She tells me her leg is sleepy (her leg has fallen asleep).
--We went to Big Lots recently and asked a guy to help us.  We needed a black bean bag.  He said he would go get one for us.  Colbie turned to me and said, "He is GOOD LOOKING."  I was DYING.  She said, "what? He is!"  So I asked her later, "What does good looking mean?"  And she said, "Mama, he was a good LOOKER when he got us the bean bag."  Ooooooooooh!  Ah HA!
--She loves to try to kiss us w her eyes closed and headed tilted "like the Princesses."  OH boy.  I keep yelling KNOCK IT OFF COLBS! :)
--She is LOVING Bella Dancerella.  It's a disney video from long ago that shows a ballerina they can copy doing dance moves w a mat to stand on and a wand.  HEAVEN for Jean.
--This girl will not be left behind.  She can swim like a fish, ride a bike like a champ…and attempts all things her big sister and big brother do.
--We are in a  bit of scardy cat phase…she's coming down to our room several times a week at night.  Probably our fault for letting her watch what the big kids do!  Daisy wouldn't have set her eyes on some of this for YEARS at this age.
--She really likes school and loves that she is going every day like the big kids.
--Likes to take showers now (w assistance). No more bed rail on her bed since we moved.  She likes to dance.
--I adore her little crooked Nanny finger. :)
--If I ask her something she will say, "Will do Baby Guhl."  Oh brother…
--Still going strong sucking her thumb and picking her nose w her pointer simultaneously.
--She says,"That's a funny joke that you just said!" while laughing at something. :)
--I will ask her to go put on her clothes.  Roughly 3 mins later you will hear a blood curdling scream as if Colbie has been brutally attacked and being held against her will.  The first several times I responded like 911 should be called, gasping, wide eyed and planning to save my baby from the attacker.  Once I learned it was all because she couldn't get her shirt over her head, I learned to take a deep breath, walk calmly toward her (even though her screams are fingernails on a chalkboard to me) and say very plainly, "Can I help you?"  BLESS US ALL if this continues til she graduates.
--She has the cutest crooked Nanny fingers.  And she does not hesitate to point them at us. :)


--LOVES sharks, cars, legos, RC cars, riding his bike, swimming, basketball and cuddling.
--He told Daniel that his teacher only have 4 toes.  Wha?  After open house last night we saw that the sandals she wears doesn't show her pinky toes….LOL.
--He is a SWEET Bo Co.  :)  He has a tender heart.  His teacher said he was SO SWEET at school
--He can be very silly.  He and Colbie can be a dreadful team at dinner.  Instead of eating they are cackling, making faces, spilling stuff and so on.  But sweet that they love each other.
--Isaac like t-shirts and basketball type shorts.  He also likes (and looks dapper) in skinny leg jeans/pants (not the skin tight ones, y'all…the cute ones!)
--He likes to wear said clothes backwards.  He does pay attention to how he puts them on--and doesn't care to fix it when it's wrong (which is an uncanny large % of the time!)
--He is reading really well!  He likes when we read before bed.
--Isaac is really good at playing on his own.
--He had hard time starting school.  He and his teacher would report his "chest pain" at school.  Didn't happen at home, only during the school day.  Especially in Dance at school. …Yup…just a little anxiety of I DON'T WANNA BE HERE.  Apparently it's hereditary (Daniel and BePops!) so Daniel knew just how to handle it. :)  It didn't last long thankfully.  But when I said, "Buddy, do you just wanna stay home w me?" he started bawling and said, "YES!"  BLESS. IT!!!!!
--He now (9/2014) has poison ivy on his face and neck from our yard.  He's actually been fine w it.  He has not be miserable.  But I did have to come get him today (after 3 days at school w said RASH) cause he can't be at school w out a note saying it isn't contagious.  And yes, $50 later it's in fact confirmed…it is not.  (mad face emoji)
----He is now obsessed w the shadow box I made of his Cars cars.  I finally caved and let him play w them again. :)  Happy 7 year old.


--This girl is mature and smart, you hear me?  I know i am her Mama but she is. :)  She thinks about things and asks very insightful questions.  She is fine w school and it comes easy to her but it's not her fav. :)
--She has a style all her own…likes shirts tucked in, does her own hair, likes some sporty kinda clothes but also some fun styling looks.  She is LOVING her some high heeled shoes.
--She is a natural teacher and mother.  Some kids are born w it and she was!!  She LOVED helping w Huddy when he was born.  And she was really good w him.  She will take to a little toddler on a playground…and it's not long til I have the mom asking me if she is for hire! :)
--She is also very self driven to complete tasks, homework, earn money, master a skill.
--She is working hard at volleyball right now.  She is great on her bike.
--She will try new things.
--Daisy loves to laugh and play. She loves her DADDY!  She loves to wrestle.  She can get down right silly sometimes and have to be reeled back in. :)
--She is good to include those who are left out.
---And we are getting to the age where it's a little more personal to share things about her on a blog…even though it's not really public.  And that's hard!!  Guess I will have to journal. :)


Not sure if I have blogged these yet:

Kids said (march 2013)

3/13-- everything w ch start is an s sound. SickFilA, suckycheese..

And it's "dr won" (Ron)

2012/2013-"TIMBURB!" (Timber!)

4/13--"I need to tell u a word in yor ear..."  Colbies secret ;)

4/13 colbie told daddy "only one lady..!!!" When she was the last one to bail on the Cagle clubhouse. 

4/13 "someone sninks!"  Colbie

5/13 "that dog died da cat an he wen a jail." -colbie on Pep the Dog at eastern state pen. Hahaha

5/13 Isaac is still liking red and wears all his red T-shirts inside out so they are solid. :). Also, loves wearing shirts/shorts backward. No more cars w faces :(

5/13 Publix bagger sang "Colbie, Colbie cabana!" To her. She was smiling and then when we got in the car she said, "do Toby Mac sing dat?" Hahaha

5/13 co is still sucking his fingers...even during the day (also 7/24)

5/13 daisy loves dancing, music, Toby Mac, Britt Nicole, earrings, drawing

5/13 Colbie was being "dr Harrell" w her dr kit. I screamed when she wanted to give me a shot...and she screamed in terror back at me!!  LOL!!!  She said "hahaha Dat was loud!"

An she says I play mama: "I go to zumma (Zumba)" "my back hurts". "I'm gonna go watch football" :)

6/26/13 we asked Isaac if he wanted a family when he grew up (conversation starter activity at dinner) and what it would look like. He said well my wife is gonna look just like you, I'm serious, you're BEAUTIFUL!   (So precious)

7/22/13 colbie came out and announced she didn't wanna wear these purple terry cloth shorts I laid out for her.   I asked why not and she said w an attitude, "Cause everyone at the Y will say 'why you look like a towel? Why you look like a towel?'" LOL!!!!!

7/2013 red crayon in dryer…LORD HELP ME NOW

7/2013 "when I am Daisy I am gonna...." Said often by Colbs for when I'm like her or when I grow up :)

9/2013 "mackin" = napkin (c), "batend"= pretend (c and I), "Octamus Prime"= Optimus Prime (I), 
"Zu-zort" = dessert (c)

Summer 2013 "anchibum" or "anshibum" ??  Dan calls Colbie this :) "enkchobahn"--dans spelling :)
Enkchorbahm-was later made the official spelling :)

9/2013 mom I'm not "buck-told" (buckled) yet. Colbs

10/2013 "Mama I'm going to squeeze you hard as I EVER CAN!" Isaac

10/2013 "Isaac do you know what the most handsome part about you is?  "--my face?  (No) --DARN!"  LOL!!!! You're sweet heart!!!

10/2013 colbie while vomiting in our car "I wanna feel bettOR!" :(((

11/2013. Colbs when u go wake her up from her nap...will seem asleep and then,"BOO!"  She tries to scare u!!  Lol. Been doing it about a month. 

12/2013--"mama! Jeeg got me glubs (gloves)!

12/13 Isaac asked, "How does that baby come out of Aunt Kristy?"
Dan: her front bottom 😳
Isaac: really!?!  That baby's gonna stink for 2 days!!

I will never tire of my babies being in the same room w me, occupied w something other than me :) like puppies at my feet. It's just a regular day. We're all just having a normal day but together.  I wanna eat them up!!!!! -- 12/2013

2/14 colbie beat jeeg at candy land. Jeje fake cried and said,"you beat me!! Boohoo!"  And colbs looked at her completely uneffected and pumped her fist down and made a raspberry sound w her mouth. Like oh yeah?  And I'll do it again...I don't care!  LOL. WE ALL DIED LAUGHING!!!

3/14 colbie said all things past tense w present +Ed. So she touch-ed me. She buy-ed it. He hit-ed me. :)

4-2014 "mom! Mom!  Kyle said this...he said..."  She always says "he/she said THIS, she said..."  Haha. Isaac has picked it up!  Haha

Monday, August 25


 First day of school!  Daisy in 4th (Ms Carpenter) and Isaac in 1st (Ms Wood)

 late post of Jeeg and Nan
 Bella Dancerella has been a HUGE hit for Colbie Jean. :)  Thanks Alli! :)
 Milk strikes again! :/
 Colbie and Kyle and Meet the Teacher :)
 Family Night playing putt-putt

 First day for Colbs…she was hesitant to leave me.  HA! Quite the opposite.
 Colbie ready for VPK!  Such a big girl!!!

 Swimming in the rain
 Papa is here!  Sonny's for dinner. :)

 This is proof that Colbie keeps trying to kiss me on the lips w her eyes closed…THANK YOU Disney Princesses for this.

 Coco did his summer work book and read a certain number of books…so he got a SHARK. :)
 These are all in our yard!
 The house is coming together… :)

kitchen TV and craft room!

Friday, August 15

Issac is 7 (and neighbor pics)

This can't be!!!  How can my second child be SEVEN?!  I LOVE this little boy.  I know, I know.  But seriously.  And since this blog is just for me to remember and print for our books…I have to say it. ;)
We had a small party w family and friends. We cooked out, swam and went skating after. 

This is a visitor at Alli's.  PRECIOUS
Night before decorating!


Grant skated w us.  AND JEEG!

Daniel mowed a base path for kickball!

The pic we have been waiting for!!!  NEIGHBORS!