Monday, August 25


 First day of school!  Daisy in 4th (Ms Carpenter) and Isaac in 1st (Ms Wood)

 late post of Jeeg and Nan
 Bella Dancerella has been a HUGE hit for Colbie Jean. :)  Thanks Alli! :)
 Milk strikes again! :/
 Colbie and Kyle and Meet the Teacher :)
 Family Night playing putt-putt

 First day for Colbs…she was hesitant to leave me.  HA! Quite the opposite.
 Colbie ready for VPK!  Such a big girl!!!

 Swimming in the rain
 Papa is here!  Sonny's for dinner. :)

 This is proof that Colbie keeps trying to kiss me on the lips w her eyes closed…THANK YOU Disney Princesses for this.

 Coco did his summer work book and read a certain number of books…so he got a SHARK. :)
 These are all in our yard!
 The house is coming together… :)

kitchen TV and craft room!

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