Sunday, September 21

September fun and Texas Trip

Colbie had to make a paper doll that looked like her.  They wanted it to be a family project.  (Read: wanted their parents to basically do it! ;))

He played w these again.  And again I rounded them up for safe keeping.  Aaaaand they're out again. :/

Headed to the Annual Texas Trip!!!! :)

We accidentally locked out Meems!!!  But our new neighbor saved the day!!!
I got to spend some fun time w Samps and her family.  Her super heroes greeted us at the door. :)

Applewhite Financial Planning!!!

This snuggie saved my life…it was FREEZING.

Then off to Paris for some fun with the Spencer Fam.

Had lunch at Burger Land….Mmmm.

Shot a little skeet...

and a handgun…that was powerful and made me bleed. :)

It refreshed my healthy fear of guns.

Paris Bakery for dinner :)

In a cemetery in Paris…Jesus in cowboy boots. :)

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